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Customers purchasing cleaning services from SOZO Clean agree to the following terms:
Customer will allow access or provide a key for the SOZO Clean employee at the scheduled time of cleaning. In the event that the customer is not at the home or property to be cleaned and cannot be reached SOZO Clean employee will make an attempt to contact the customer by phone. If contact cannot be made within 10 minutes of the scheduled cleaning time SOZO Clean reserves the right to cancel the scheduled cleaning and keep the full amount of the cleaning charges.
SOZO Clean will make every effort to arrive on time for each scheduled cleaning. In the event that a scheduled cleaning will be delayed for more than 15 minutes SOZO Clean will contact the customer by phone to notify them of the delay. The customer agrees to waive the right to refund. Customer accepts the responsibility to be present at the scheduled time and allow access to the property to be cleaned.
Customer agrees to notify SOZO Clean at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled cleaning in the event that they cannot be present or allow access to the property to be cleaned. The cleaning services will then be rescheduled for another date and time. No refunds will be given. Cancellations less than 48 hours are not entitled to a refund and will be rescheduled at the discretion of the manager.
Right to Refuse:
SOZO Clean reserves the right to refuse cleaning services in the event that the cleaning of the property could be a health or safety hazard to the employee. This would include but is not limited to bodily fluids or waste, toxic or harmful chemicals, and/or harmful building materials such as but not limited to asbestos.
The customer agrees to provide running water and electricity to SOZO Clean employees for use in providing cleaning services.
Claims Policy:
All reports or claims of damaged or missing belongings must be made within 24 hours of the employee leaving the property. SOZO Clean agrees to investigate all claims. For legitimate claims, SOZO Clean will assist customers in pursuing insurance claims. Explicit evidence must be demonstrated to show SOZO Clean is directly responsible for the damage or misplacement. Customers agree to hold harmless SOZO Clean for all claims as they relate to damaged or missing items.
Refund Policy:
SOZO Clean guarantees your 100% satisfaction with the cleaning services. In the event that the customer is not satisfied the service will be repeated until the customer is satisfied with the cleaning services. Dissatisfaction with cleaning services must be reported within 8 hours of the time the employee leaves the area being cleaned.  SOZO Clean does not offer cash refunds for services rendered or for cancelled services.
Although SOZO Clean uses environmentally friendly products, SOZO Clean cannot guarantee that allergic reactions will not occur with the products we use near or around people who are sensitive to certain ingredients, including essential oil fragrances and other natural substances.
SOZO Clean trains each employee to pay attention to detail and do thorough cleaning. However, cleaning will not restore poorly maintained areas. SOZO Clean only guarantees cleaning service. We cannot restore to like new condition areas such as those with, but not limited to, stained grout or sealers, peeling painted areas, aged mirrors and fixtures, moldy walls, rust stains and mineral deposits.
Additional Service Fee:
Severely soiled areas (example: extreme kitchen grease build up or months of un-cleaned bathroom fixtures) may require an additional fee, especially for first time cleans. If in doubt please schedule a free estimate with Office Manager.
Right of Termination:
SOZO Clean reserves the right to terminate service at any time for any reason or to change terms of this agreement. Please visit to view changes to this agreement.

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